Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 19-Something you miss

Oh boy - something that I miss. I think you all know me well enough by now to know that I probably don't just miss one thing huh. Well you are dead on - there are alot of things I miss. Maybe not to the point of actually wanting to go back but sometimes I get that nostalgic feeling thinking about to high school or before that even.

So something things I miss:
1) Having no big worries/responsibilites in life. I do understand that I am 24 years old - I'm to that age where things aren't easy all the time. Where I have to worry about money, my job, my house, etc. Thinking back to the days of being like what 5 yrs old - heck 17 years old and things were so much easier. I miss that easy feeling sometimes. Don't think I'd want to go back though either

I should just start living by this motto huh?
2) High school sports! I miss participating in a team sport. I have done some intermural things in college but it's not the same. That team spirit. That point in time when you think everything in life is dependent on that 2 hour game, match, meet (w.e. sport you played) I miss going to watch the guys play football or basketball every Friday & Saturday night with my friends. And you better believe we traveled everywhere the team went, it was definitely some of the greatest times of my life with them on those trips :)

Woo! Go Cougs :)

3) I miss my college social life. I think it's pretty self explaintory. I miss going to parties and being able to stay awake until 2 or later at night (I'm lucky to make it to 10 some night =/). I miss my sorority and all the fun we had in the house, formals & random adventures.  Enjoy it while it last kiddies. Don't get me wrong my social life isn't gone - I do alot still - just not the same kinds of things!

4) My grandpa's - the only family members that I have lost. I don't remember my mom's dad very much as I was pretty young when he did pass away. For some reason I do have this memory in my head of him - he was such a gentle man, so laid back, calm, happy. I guess I'm not sure of how accurate the memory is but I wish all the time that I could have had more time with him, more memories with him. My dad's dad on the other hand was around until my freshman year of college. He was always working on something, the Mr. Fix-It of the family. Everytime I go to the lake I yearn to see him sitting out on the porch with my grandma or out on the dock fixing something. He also was a gentle man. He was always understanding of me (the whole good-bye thing) and never made we do anything I didn't want to. He'd stick up for me if I got into trouble - which wasn't to often. He always made me feel like a respected member of our family - no matter who old I was.

There are alot of other things I miss when some kind of reminder comes up, but I'd have to say those are the resounding 4. Things that I miss more often then anything else.

I'd like to give special shout out to Miss Holly -Running in Stilettos- for making my new blog header!! :) Isn't she creative people. Thanks Holly! I love the extra flair on my page!  

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