Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 8-A place you've traveled to

I've been one lucky duck when it comes to travel.  For only being 24 years old I've been to 9/10 different states (not including Ohio), and 10 different countries. Some people have traveled more but I know more people who have traveled much less. I considered myself to be very blessed to have had such amazing experiences at such a young age to the points where it has impacted the person I have become. Due to all the travels and knowledge I have gained for these times I'd have to say that I've become a very well rounded and open minded person. Nothing is ever the same in one place and to enjoy yourself you have to be open minded to new things - whether it's food & drink to modes of transportation! I've enjoyed all my trips but I think the few that I'd like to mention.

First, when I went to Paris between my junior and senior year of high school. It was a 3 week study abroad programs - I went in knowing absolutely nobody. It was the first time I was away from home that long (let along overseas alone!) and it was amazing! I got to be there when Lance Armstrong won his sixth Tour de France (it was the year of the live strong bands) which was incredible - highly suggest you go when it's going to be the finish! I apologize for not having the real picture of the event but they were not taken digitally and I don't have a scanner handy. 

Second, was my trip with Julia's German Club the summer between my freshman and sophomore year in college. I was considered a "chaperon" (who let that happen?!), but it was one of the greatest two weeks of my life. We got to travel to many German speaking countries including: Germany (duh!), Czech Republic, Italy (yes they speak German there some), Belgium, and Austria. Being able to see so many different countries and all the wonderful things each one had to offer pretty much made me want to move to Europe. Honestly, still want to and the way America is headed it might be a good idea. Also, on this trip we got to be in Italy when they won the World Cup! Talk about CRAZY! Within seconds the streets were filled with Itailan soccer fans (which is everyone there) shouting, cheering, drinking, lines of cars were filling the street as if it were parade. Based on my Paris Tour de France experience and the World Cup it's been a goal of mine to see every major sporting event around the world! How sweet would that be? 
History as it's finest
World Cup night - and this isn't even the half of it!
World Cup night again - mainly my group, but the old guy is straight up Italian & he loved us!
St Mark's Basilica. Beautiful! (minus the birds =/)
Next comes Belize. I went on spring break there with a few friends! Can you say AWESOME! The water is clear, the people are awesome, and it's not highly developed but I'm telling you the country will be the next Bahamas. 

The Beach :)
Out to dinner :)
Beer Prayer - at Fido's our favorite bar
Most of the people walk, drive trucks for deliveries, or golf carts!
Katie almost killed us in said golf cart!
Finally the Dominican Republic. We went with a couple and her family! I'd never been anywhere like that before (you may say that the Bahamas and Belize should be similar, it's not) where you can't drink the water, even to brush your teeth, and you had to be so careful outside the resort walls that you pretty much didn't dream of even trying to go out. It was an amazing experience to get to see the way some people have to live, and it's considered normal to not have windows, shoes, plumbing (it's 2011 right?). We got to go on a couple day trips & experience true warm island living. It's somewhere  I'd like to go back to to help out the native people! I ended up leaving some of our things behind that we consider to be mundane daily things - my tennis shoes (they were old), full bottles of shampoo and lotions - boy did our maids love me that day we left and set the note out for them before heading to the pool one last time! It was a humbling experience to say that least, hopefully not my last! 

The Ocean :) So clear!
The kids would play music & dance for money. They always knew who American's were because we were the only ones that would tip them! They were awesome - sad though children that age were not in school but working.

Snorkling/Boat trip!
Dune Buggy exersion - you couldn't get the mud & water in your mouth or eyes, hence all the coverage.
Most beautiful beach in Punta Cana.
Another way for people to make money - they'd take professional pictures at the resort. You can see the rest on facebook.
To close I'd like to say that my traveling days are far from over so keep checking in to see what neat places I head to next :)

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Shane Prather said...

Been to Punta Cana twice, love it!

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