Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 7-Favorite movies

This day's category is extremely challenging for me, because I really don't have one favorite movie. I have lots! I feel like I say that about everything, but I can honestly say I'm not a person who has a lot of favorites because I'm interested and enjoy so many things, why limited myself? The problem with movies is that I'm a pretty big movie buff so to even pick a couple favorites it very hard! To start off I'm a pretty big fan of Tim Burton & Guy Ritchie, so I really like almost all their movies but below are two of my favorites!

Tim Burton. I watch this at Halloween & Christmas!

Guy Ritchie - Ya like dags?
 Next on the list is something that I consider probably the most profound and insightful movies of our time. It's a classic. Funny, inspiring, and has the best life quotes I've ever heard...that's right...Forrest Gump. You get to learn about bit about life and history. It's a movie I always turn to when I'm looking to find the answer to a life situation I just can't figure out - kinda like guys with the Godfather (I still don't get it).
I don't know if we each have a destiny, or if we're all just floatin' around accidental-like on a breeze. But I, I think maybe it's both - Forrest Gump
Being a girl you know my life wouldn't be complete without the love of a sappy love story. I'm guessing most of you can figure out which movie I'm going to lead into - The Notebook. I read the book first and loved it so of course I had to see the movie. Boy did I cry like a baby (sad to say that most of the time I do whenever I watch it).  What a great true love story and lets to honestly girls who doesn't want that...and Ryan Gosling soaking wet exclaiming his undying love for you :) 

Ryan you can sweep me off my feet any day!

I can't leave out some of my favorite action/war, thriller and comedy flicks! Out of all the genre's these three are my favorite! Probably because they keep me awake the longest and the likelihood of me seeing the whole movie in on sitting is good! Of course I don't have just one favorite as mentioned before but I can pick out some that are at the top of my list! 

Last - even though I'm a 24 year old I absolute love animated movies! It brings out that inner child and any more there are so many hidden adult jokes/content in those suckers it's actually enjoyable! They are short, sweet, and always have a happy ending. Who doesn't love that?! 
I love all the Ice Age's - Sid is my favorite!

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Shane Prather said...

Absolutely love forrest gump! This will be a tough one for me too.. I don't really have a specific favorite.

ps. I want Rachel McAdam's hair in the Notebook :)

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