Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 27-Pets

I'm such an animal lover that I feel like I'll always have a pet in my house. Currently in our house we have two animals. First, Puff - the Bearded Dragon. He was the first of our two and ya either love him, or hate him (cough cough L.M.H.)  Most people are initially freaked out by him, and rightfully so. I understand he looks like a little monster (he's got a creepy twinkle in his eye), but he's harmless. When we bought him he was smaller than the size of my hand. Now - nose to the tip of his tail is as long as Kevin's torso length - shoulders to hips.  He's quite long, but he's lazy.  I got him about 4 years ago - in November for my birthday. He's been a good first pet for me to take on. He needed much more care when he was younger. As Bearded Dragons get older they start to take on the instincts that they would if they were at home in the desert. They get lazy - require quite a bit of heat for about 10 - 12 hours a day, and then somewhere warm and safe to snuggle up at night. He hibernates somewhat in the winter as well. He's mainly a vegetarian now eating peas, carrots, and corn. When he was younger he mostly ate crickets. Sometime he did and still does get meal worms. They are a good source of fat for a Bearded Dragon. He does love to explore when he gets the time (aka whenever Gunner, our second pet isn't home). Some people may not like him but I love Puff.
Good ole Puff. He's about 2 years old here - he's about 4 now.

Then there is the second baby lol. He definitely gets a bit more attention than poor Puff but he's a little bigger and a bit more cuddly than Puff. You know who I'm talking about...Gunner! He's such a goofy dog and I imagine that if he could talk he'd sound like a little hill billy. He's a boxer/coonhound mix and you can definitely tell. His big ole floppy ears and big innocent looking eyes (don't let him fool ya) will just melt your heart. His head and tail are those of a coonhound. His body on the other hand is quite sturdy and thick like a boxer. Both of the personalities come out as well. His nose is constantly to the ground or annoyingly your pants or coat (he'll sniff you to death if you let him). He uses his paws like hands and jumps like a boxer though. He's got his wild moments where he needs to burn off some steam so we'll play with him or take him to the dog park. And other times he's the lazist thing in the entire world. He's not the one to move in bed if you are snuggling you are. He gives a very distinctive sigh/grunt noise when you are disturbing his slumber with your movements. It's really crazy how much an animal can become part of the family. What you don't realize is that a dog has his own personality. It's really not as simple as "he's a dog, he's an animal". I mean say he is he needs disciplined like an animal or else you could have a problem on your hands, but at the same time you love them like a person, like a true human member of the family. Gunner is definitely a spoiled little dog, but I definitely would never trade him for the world. Crazy pup has a lot to learn, and I have a feeling we are going to learn a lot from him. He's a dog that takes dang near anything without really being annoyed, loyal until the end. He'd never hurt a fly and he'll give you the goofiest little face like he knows when you need the smile :) 

As if he were a real child I believe he gets embarrassed of me. Lol.
He's got a nicer, bigger bed than some people do.
Yeah - he looks innocent right...
He loves to play. He loves to play in the snow even more.
We think he's so handsome.
Playing some football.


Mary Brown said...

The picture of Gunner and Kevin playing football is still one of my all time favorite pictures!!!

trobideau said...

Looking at that bed of Gunner's, I am thinking perhaps it's time Puff got a new bed too....and maybe a heated cave!!

Megan Robideau said...

Mary - I love it to! It's so funny to watch Gunner play with Kev. He really loves him lol...well they both really love each other.

Mom - haha I don't think Puff would appreciate a bed as much as Gunner does, but he'd LOVE that heated cave.

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