Monday, February 20, 2012

Movie Review: 50/50

So this movie might be called 50/50 but I guarantee 100% that you'll like this movie.

We all have seen the trailers on what the movie is about, but if not here is just a brief synopsis.
This is actually based on a true story and is described as a comedy, but Joseph Gordon - Levitt's character is diagnosed with cancer at age 27 and it's about his struggle dealing with the disease. 

This is one of those movies that I mentally had to prepare for before watching, and I'm glad I did. The movie definitely made me cry, as to be expected with any movie dealing with cancer.  We all know someone who has dealt with cancer. It's a subject we can all relate too, but being 25 years old watching a movie about a 27 year old health freak get diagnosed hit home. Hey you 20 year old's out there it can happen to us too, just a reminder to get all your yearly tests! That all being said make sure you have a couple tissues handy, but it's probably not the worst crying you'll ever do watching a movie. 

I absolutely love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I'd say he's on my top 5 list of actors. He is stickin' cute but he's a pretty good actor. He nailed it in this movie. He is the prefect person to play this 27 year old average guy. He pulls off all the emotions you would imagine that a person would go through after finding out they have cancer.

Despite all of the sadness there are some pretty funny parts! Mainly thanks to this guy.
We all know Seth Rogen is funny, but on top of his funny moments I also think he nailed his part. He's Joseph's GL's best friend in the movie. He's a huge part of the support system for Joseph's character, and is actually the only male that is part of the system.

On top of the cancer issue Joseph's character deals with a little bit of a romance and his family!  Oh yeah, there are all kinds of little pieces and parts. Although these topics are not the main subject matter they play a bigger part in his overall life and these characters do end up being his support system...or lack there of for one of them. Who is it? I'll never tell! You gotta watch :) I think they cast a great group of people to play these roles.

Anjelica Huston as his mom.
All I can say is that every time I see her I automatically think of  the movie The Witches. None the less she did the excellent job as the worrying mother.

You all recognize Hilly from The Help right? I did not realize all the movies Bryce has been in until IMDB'ed her for this review. Despite all the big movies she's been in I feel as if though she's been given little attention or credit. Although I like Hilly better, I thought she played her part in this movie well. There could have been a bit more emotion considering the role she plays, but over all she does a nice job!

Anna Kendrick as Katherine
After this movie I really enjoy Anna has an actress. I wouldn't say she is the best out there, but she played this role extremely well. I've seen her in other movies like Twilight (she's Bella's friend Jessica), and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I was glad to see her have a big part. Although you can see what is coming from a mile away with her part, it's a pivotal one, and by the end you will love her!

I would give this movie a big ole high five. It's an emotional roller coaster ride of a movie, there is laughing, crying and everything in between! What more can you ask for? I think this could be one of my new favorites!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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