Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting


It's going to be a random one today folks!


Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Could this possibly be ANY cuter? 

Love Love Love! Want Want Want! 

Source: via Elaine on Pinterest

Please see caption above :) 

Source: via Leticia on Pinterest

This has become one of my new favorites! It's easy to forget something like this...

This is absolutely, 100% true! 

What I wouldn't give to have big windows like that. Someday! 

Thinking about starting to do No Meat Mondays. Something good for Kev, myself, and the environment! I suppose that this is just all in time for Lent!

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

It was love at first Pin :)

Happy Wednesday!


Ashley said...

We usually do one night of no meat. Honestly, I mainly do it to save money. :)

osmr said...

Since Lent involves no meat on Friday, perhaps you switch to Friday for no meat or maybe add Monday to the no meat rule? I won't go there about the's not like they are made of plastic bags or anything....

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