Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's Day Challenge Day 4: Love Me Some Weddings

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Today's Topic: Love Weddings - Share your wedding photos, your friends or families, or your pinterest inspiration!

I had a little bit of a hard time with this one because I haven't really shared my wedding pictures yet and wanted to do more posts about it. Ya know, kind of section it off a little bit. We actually just got them ordered and everything. So I've decided I'll share a few of ours, as a little teaser for the more in depth posts.

Since last year was the summer of love  I'll also share a picture from all the weddings we went to this last year. 7 weddings including our own! I do love me a good wedding :)

Our Wedding
Come back & visit in the next couple weeks for a more in depth look into our special day!
Waiting for the ceremony to get started!
Image by: Brandy J. Photography 
The ceremony.
Image by: Brandy J. Photography 
Our awesome bridal party! It was really cold outside so that's why we are huddling :)
Image by: Brandy J. Photography 
Outside of our venue
Image by: Brandy J. Photography 
My friend Jenn shaking her groove thang at the reception
Image by: Brandy J. Photography 
Weddings of 2011

The Wagner's
Jason & Danielle
My best friends wedding! Read their story: here

The Phillips's
Megan & Mark
Sister & Brother-in-law. Read their story: here
The Brown's
Miranda & RJ
The most perfect couple. Wanna here some even better news! They are expecting their baby boy in April. Read their story: here
The Housler's
Zack & Danielle
Team Hilarious (whether they mean to be or not :D)  Read their story: here
The Waldo's
Sam & Sean
They were the Waldo's even before they got married! Read their story: here
The Bush's
Derrick & Alex
Football player + fashionista = love! Ready their story: here

There is folks! The weddings of 2011!  Each one was special & fun in it's own way. It was great to share such a special day with so many wonderful couples! I can't wait to watch their relationships flourish and their lives to move forward as husband & wife!

Happy Thursday!


Mr. Phan said...

Best moment of your wedding ceremony to me, Epic "Just got hitched" High five!

Samantha said...

Ahhh I love weddings! Lovely pictures. :)

trobideau said...

This is a nice summary of your Summer of Love. Using links for details was a great idea! BTW ...We will have a spelling test later. ;)

Casey said...

Tons of gorgeous photos! How cute, The Summer of Love!

Thanks for linking up with us for the Valentine's Challenge!

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