Monday, February 27, 2012

Stop Junk Mail

For as I much as I believe that we are dooming ourselves I'm not always the best at taking care of the environment. Ya know, the one thing absolutely necessary for survival. Now, I don't mean that I litter or never think about my effects on the planet but I don't always take the best steps on treating the Earth right. 

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I've decided that overall I'd like to become more aware of recycling. I know what recycling is and how it works but what I don't know is everything that can & should be recycled versus the things they won't take. 

So the other day at work when I went to get rid of my Starbucks cup I decided to look on the Ohio Recycling website to see if the whole thing could be recycled and stumbled across this little gem: Reduce your Junk Mail. Instantly I was intrigued! What I learned was even better. You can Opt-Out of getting Junk Mail! I don't know about you guys but I know that Kev and I get a ridiculous amount of Junk Mail from credit card bureaus and insurances places. Not only was I extremely happy to find out that I could get rid of all that crap, but I learned that doing this one simple thing can make a pretty significant difference. Especially if we all did this!

  • This junk mail creates around 4 million tons of waste (preventable I might add) each year!
  • This junk mail will cost taxpayers $320 million in disposal fees annually
  • This junk mail destroys 62 million trees a year. 
  • This junk mail created 28 billion gallons of wastewater per year
  • This junk mail fills 3% of America's landfills and continues to grow.
  • The kicker...44% of this junk mail that causes all of these issues will remain unopened, unread, and be immediately trashed. 
  • Top Website to use to stop getting junk mail:
Could you imagine what impact would be made if most people participated in the Opt Out of Junk Mail "program". The links above doesn't only give you the Opt Out option but many other tips & links to help reduce your junk mail even further. 
Source: via Megan on Pinterest

So if you are anything like me I would highly suggest getting yourself on the "No Junk Mail" list and help out the environment. Lord knows she can get all the help she needs!

Happy Monday!

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osmr said...

You would think that those junk mail people need to fire their marketing teams. 44% unopened is pretty big, I'd say. Sounds like more loss than profit. And all that for a small percentage to actually see what's being peddled? I can't say we get a lot of junk mail anymore these days - only around election time. (Gads!)

Curbside recycling should just be mandatory in every city. It's not that different from trash - it just goes to a sorting plant instead of a landfill. There are paying jobs in that sorting plant, though I believe ours is done by county prisoners and people working off community service hours - great use of their time, I'd say!

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