Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rock Lobsta! A Valentine's Day Weekend Feast!

I mentioned in one of my posts from last week that we are kind of doing two Valentine's Day. Well one of those Valentine's Days was this last Saturday! Danielle and I, being the awesome wives that we are, thought it'd be fun...and delicious to get this Groupon to get a discount on some live lobster from Maine!

We decided that this last weekend, before Valentine's Day would be a good one! We picked out what we wanted and got the order shipped! Since the lobster & other seafood is alive when you get it you get to pick the specific date you want it to arrive. What a great business venture, I bet they get a ton of money from doing this!

Saturday morning a bellow (that's Gunner) comes from the dining room and immediately I knew that lobster deliciousness had arrived! I wasn't sure what to expect when we opened the box, but it wasn't the mass amounts of seaweed that was in there. We didn't want to get everything out and around until Jason & Danielle were over so we just made sure everything was ok & still alive & stuck the bad boy out in the garage. It stayed nice & cold for the rest of the day until Danielle and I could get prepared to make this feast of a Valentine's Day dinner!

Being the awesome chefs that we are (that's sarcastic, if you were wondering) we knew we had to plan this just so in order to get everything cooked, and cooked well...that means no burning anything either!
Sporting my "Queen of Everything" apron Danielle bought me :)

the chef's for the evening =/
First, the apps. With the lobster we also got mussels & crab cakes! We weren't sure what we wanted to do with the mussels so we threw around some ideas of things like just steaming the mussels themselves or a pasta. We landed on a Mussel Bruschetta! It was so good, we even added our own little touch with the cheese! We ended up having so many mussels that we just steamed half of them too!

On to the main dishes)! Yep, that's plural.

We thought we'd have a little fun with the lobster before plunging them into their doom!
I say this very easily now, I felt bad when we had to boil them.
Upper Left: No one told Danielle that texting while lobstering was dangerous. Upper Right: Introducing JWoww (the lobster) to the dogs! Lower Left: Jason's excited! Lower Right: ATTACK OF THE LOBSTER!
We tried...they didn't move.
On the menu: Lobster, crab cakes, remaining mussels, T-Bone Steak, and asparagus. Whoa, protein overload...and I loved it! I think we all did! Danielle and I made everything except for the steaks and the small tasks that the boys helped out with :) Thanks boys!

Of course we washed this all down with some bubbly!

I definitely have never eaten that much food that I've help make! It actually felt very rewarding!  

Last, but certainly not least, the dessert! We knew that we wanted to do something easy since we were making all this food, but since baking is my forte, I wanted to make something and not buy it. We found this recipe on Pinterest and ran with it:

The cookies themselves were not difficult to make. The only word for caution is they have to sit for an hour and a half, not all at once, but just an FYI, they take time! I wish they were a little bit more soft like the ice cream sandwiches you can buy, but overall I was very happy with the end product. Everyone was!

The recipe calls for store bought strawberry ice cream. We decided to go above and beyond and use Jason & Danielle's ice cream maker! That sucker is a God send, I need to get one! We ended up making peanut butter, with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ice cream. OMG! Amazing!
Peanut Butter Ice Cream
We used the cookie cutter to help put the ice cream oh the cookie. Just so it lined up! The end result...perfection!
Heavenly Ice Cream Sandwich!
Saturday night was by far one of the best meals I've had, and that's partly because I helped make it, and partly because it was really, really good!

Happy Valentine's Day Loves!

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