Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Challenge Day 6: Love Creativity

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Today's Topic Love to be Creative - recipes, crafts, gifts, etc.

So I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that I don't usually do any decor for Valentine's Day. However, this year I've caught the bug. You know, the bug from Pinterest. The DIY/Crafting bug! I've found so many cute things it was hard figuring out the things I actually wanted & had time to possibly make!

I love this wreath and it seems like it'd be easy enough?! 

Danielle & I are going to be making these on Saturday! I'll let you know how that well as the rest of the evening! 

I don't even think I need to explain myself for this one, Champagne Cocktail should be enough.

I have a slight obsession with infographics & stats! V-Day is one of my favorite things to look at stats for? Am I nerd? Probably. 

Cute & easy gift idea!

I think I just need to get all of these printables! 

What fun things have you found to make this Valentine's Day? Link up & let us know! 

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