Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Challenge: Day 10

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Today's Topic: New Year's memories/Photos

I was looking forward to this one because NYE is easily one of my favorite holidays. Why? I have no idea, I just like it. I think it's that because I see it as  a time I get to spend with good friends and reflect on the year that has past, as well as looking to the future. It's the new beginning feeling I suppose.

Anyways I have some pretty good NYE memories & of course entirely to many photos that I'd love to share.

I think my favorite NYE was 2008. That was mainly thanks to this lovely lady:
This was a 21st Birthday present from my parents! So I got it in November, I thought when in the world can I actually open this thing and get it all drank in an evening. New Year's Eve! This gal is called a Salmanazar of Champagne. It's 9 liters and holds about 12 bottles! Needless to say it was a good night!
Top:  Poppin' bottles. It took a long time to get that cork out of there!  Bottom left: DD loved that champagne lol.  Bottom right: Me & Lindz after running to downtown Westerville, yes in shorts. We were young & apparently had a high threshold of the winter cold!
It was the first New Year's that we did something a little bigger and got fancied up for. It was a night to remember full of great friends and shennanigans! Couldn't ask for a better NYE's night then that!

NYE 2011 was a pretty good one too! Just being surrounded by my really good friends made it a fun one for me!
Left: Me & my lovely ladies :) Top right: Me & Kev in NYC DUHHH lol. Bottom right: My & one of the besties after the ball drop..Happy 2011!
What are some of your favorite NYE memories? Link up with Neely & Amber and let us know!

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