Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Challenge: Day 7

Day 7 folks and only 18 days until Christmas. Yep, I said it...18 days! I think it's to be expected that Christmas is going to be a blur just like most of this year has been.

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Today's Topic How Do YOU celebrate the holidays? Hanukkah? Christmas? Kwanza? 

Growing up we usually spent the holidays traveling up to Michigan for a weekend and a holiday feast. Sometimes we'd spend Christmas at the grandparents. Other times we were home of the actual holiday and the grandparents traveled to us. Either way there are a ton of really boring Christmas morning videos to document it all...

Since I've been with Kevin though things have changed a bit as we try to make it to as many of the family things as we can when it comes to holidays. Christmas seems to be an easy one though since I've done the same thing for like 5 years. We start off at Kev's mom & Grandma's house on Christmas Eve. It's a big deal with their family, pretty much everyone is there. We stuff our faces enjoy a lovely holiday meal and then exchange gifts with the family. It's a nice, cozy afternoon and it's one of my favorite new Christmas events!
Kathy's Christmas Tree. Kev puts it up every year!
 Left: The girls in the family present on Christmas Eve 2009. Right: Me & Meg P.

 Opening up presents.

We then travel the 3 hours up to my parents house. Yes, on Christmas Eve night...we don't get there until like midnight or later. We spend Christmas morning with them and the rest of the weekend if possible.

Christmas Presents!
I got his coat last year and I'm sit in love with it!

For Kev's dads side we have done a couple different things..first we've spent Christmas Eve morning with them...and then traveled to Kev's moms house. We've also done Christmas a whole weekend later. I'm not sure what the plan is for this year. No matter what it will be good to spend time with family :)

What do you guys do for the Holidays?

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