Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Fun

This weekend Kev, Lindz, and I did one of my all time favorite things to do in December! We went to visit our best friend Korie! We seem to make the annual trip around the same time each December. We started it because of Christmas time & gift exchange. It's a way for us to go visit Korie & her home town! It's also a great weekend away because Kor lives in the middle of no where. I'm GPS couldn't even find her town. We don't get much service out there & they don't have the internet because they have no service. It's a weekend with little distraction & sometimes it's nice to put the ole cell-y away for a little awhile!

We had a great time as usually! This visit was not particularly busy compared to some of the others. This visit consisted of relaxing, shopping, of course some drinking, and hunting for the guys!

Friday we got there later so we didn't really do much of anything, but we did get to meet Duke! Duke is their 5 year old Rottweiler and is the biggest sweetheart of a dog ever! The adopted him after last year's Christmas visit so this was the first time we were around him. If he didn't belong to one of my best friends Duke would have been stolen & brought back to our house :)

We also did our little gift exchange on Friday too! Look at some of the goodies I got :)
A blanket made from Alpaca wool (that will come into play later!)

Cute little deer decor :)

Tim Burton. Love!

Someone knows me a little to well. "The Queen" wine decor & glass charms!

Saturday was spent doing last minute Christmas shopping and then hanging out with some of Korie's home town gals! Of course getting a little rowdy :)

Sunday came to quickly as usually but I was looking forward to it because I knew we were going out to Korie's moms & step dad's Alpaca farm! The alpaca's are so fun to go see and Kev's never been there before.
We got to see big old Leo!! He's the alpaca's guard dog from coyotes & other nasty critters. He's probably one of the friendliest dogs you'll ever meet! And one of the biggest!

I love getting to see the Alpaca's.  They are so funny to watch and so soft once you can actually get ahold of one of them! There usually little babies running around too! You can kind of see them in the lower left corner picture!

Remember the blanket present I got! The wool came from these guys :) We are holding Lilly! Not sure who the white one is in the back but I like "HUH?!" face!
Korie's house is always a little adventure and a nice get away from the bus for the weekend! I hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did! Now it's back to the grind until Christmas! Only 6 more days!

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