Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Challenge: Day 5

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

It's day five folks and it's time to show of my fashion skills...or lack there of to some people.

Today's Topic:Ideal Outfit for Christmas/NYE Festivities!

I think it should first be said that we (Kev, me, and the fam) do not get super dressy for Christmas. We all look nice but it's not a dresses required kind of event. When it comes to Christmas you can find me in outfits like these. Which I could mention I love because I enjoy comfort plus looking cute...
Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Comfy all around. I'm all about big sweaters during the cold months! Something with leggings is even better after all the food I inhale eat during the holidays! 

Sweater dresses are a favorite for me during the holidays! I'd like to be able to get some more of them for the colder months! 

As for NYE I'm thinking we will end up at a friends house or something, which is fine, but we like to get a little dressed up anyways!

I love this dress. Althought it's probably not what I would wear, at least to NYE at someones humble abode, this would be what I'd want to wear out & about! NYE is one of my favorite holidays so within the next 2 years I plan to make it to New York just so I can celebrate the holiday & wear something like this :) Hopefully Pinterest is a around to remind me!
Source: via Megan on Pinterest

This is probably much more realistic to what I would get to wear and what I would like to wear. I'd probably wear just the flats. Heels & me don't tend to agree...on anything. I've also learned that it's better to wear pants and be warm on NYE since it's usually pretty cold come January in good ole Ohio! 

What do you plan to wear for the holidays? Link up & let us know!

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