Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Challenge: Day 6

Happy (BEH!) Monday lovelies! How was your weekend? Good I hope :) Mine was fantastic! I'll recap in a future post...hopefully. Today is day 6 of the Holiday Challenge.

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Today's Topic: Holiday Dessert/Treat Recipe

I was thinking about this and I realized that the only Christmas dessert that I can remember having regularly...and is the absolute love of my my Gramma's Chocolate Mousse. I also realized that I do not have any pictures of it. It was the greatest chocolate dessert of all time. I believe my mom has the recipe so I'll be making it and posting about it later :)

Second is probably is the simple frosted/decorated sugar cookie! Easy, fun to do, and so deliscious. My mom always made these with my sister and I. It's a traditions and it's yummy. Win/Win!

These are a batch my sister & her friend made last year... I believe Gunner helped himself to a couple as well...

The next best thing to me in the dessert department around Christmas is hot chocolate. That might seem a little blah but it's true! I really enjoy hot chocolate with quite a few marshmellows. I don't usually drink it often...even around the holidays, but I sure so enjoy it when I do.

I want to try these recipes. New spin to an old love is never a bad thing :)
Source: via M on Pinterest

S'mores Hot Chocolate!!! OMG!!! Is this real life?

I'm a fan of white chocolate...not like super fan but I do like it. The White Chocolate Mocha is one of the favs from Starbucks so why not give this a try! 

I feel like this would be very Jeni's Ice Cream-esque of me to try! Hey - if it's anything Jeni's related I'm down :) 

Have a good first day of the week!

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