Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ornament Wreath....Because Everyone's Doing It!

So we all know the ornament wreaths that everyone and their brothers...I guess it's probably mainly sisters...are making? Well of course the bestest and I had to jump on the Pinterest crafting bandwagon & make ones ourselves. We had alot of fun putting them together and we now both have a cute new wreaths to show off.

I'm not really going to tell you how to put it together but I'm sure as hell gonna show off our hard work and the pictures I took :)
And off we go!

Stage 1
Attack of the ornaments!

Stage 2

Danielle's finished wreath :)
Up close.
My finished wreath :)
A few things to note when making these. 1) It took us more than an hour to make even though most of the instructions say that's about how long it take. 2) I would get more ornaments than what you think you need. You use quite a few! 3) GLITTER! It's everywhere! Still. After 4 vacuumings. GLITTER! 5)  There is chance your wreath won't fit on your door if you have a screen or glass storm door. We have a glass storm door & the wreath hits it when I close the front door. Don't want to smash it!
It was a fun craft to make and we will be able to use it again & again. I think I might even try another one next year!


bubbletoes said...

Beautiful!! I wonder how many days you will find little bits of glitter on your face...no matter how many washings..you'll probably still "shine."

Megan O'Dell said...

Thank you! Lol I am finding glitter everywhere. Clothing, my face just like you said, furniture, in the fridge...in it! Lol. Attack of the sparkles I suppose.

Ashley B. said...

those turned out sooo cute!! I am wondering if i should hop on this band wagon, craft night this friday MIGHT happen!!!

Megan O'Dell said...

Do it, do it, do it :)

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